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Fidget doesn’t know much about dragons, but she knows one thing for sure:

Dragons break hearts.

Queen of New Orleans

Paranormal Romance

After being accidently infused with dragon essence, Fidget Desongo became the target for a killer who wants to harvest her body for profit. Hired to uncover a supernatural black market, who can she trust when her companions aren’t what they seem?

Dragon exile Rhys has been protecting Fidget since he saved her life as a child, but does she need to be rescued from Nicco, friend turned foe, who’s determined to make Fidget his mate?

As her life becomes a scramble for survival, Fidget must use all her powers of persuasion before a common enemy destroys them all and she is lost to Rhys forever.

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Excerpt 2 - I'm Safe - Queen [940x788FB]

This isn't a love story.

It's a war.


Warning: Language and descriptions sex.

The Past Never Dies
The Past Never Dies

Published by Three Furies Press

The Past Never Dies

Steamy Thriller

Cammie's been hanging onto the past for too long and Casey is just the man to help her move on. A weekend trip to the island where her life was destroyed brings her face-to-face with the one person she thought she'd never see again.

Torn between two very different men who both seem to be using her for their own purposes, Cammie struggles to leave behind the person she used to be. But, how can she move on if the past won't let her go?

Warning: Language and descriptions of steamy sex.

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The PAst Never Dies Excerpt
How can she move on if the past won't let go

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