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Warning: Language, violence, and sexual content

A tale of sex, violence, and suicide, Nocturnal Lullaby is a standalone reverse harem intended for mature audiences with a Happily Ever After ending for most.

Nocturnal Lullaby

Paranormal Reverse Harem

On the night Bode intends to propose to Sloane, he’s kidnapped by seductive witch, Charlotte Corddry. Spellbound, he watches Sloane’s apartment go up in flames. Deceived, he believes Charlotte’s enemies murdered Sloane and stole his future. Possessed by Amosiel, a dark presence, Bode becomes the Angel of Vengeance, spreading chaos and destruction upon the supernatural world. But life with Charlotte isn’t the noble venture he thought it would be.

Expecting a quiet date night with Bode, Sloane’s world is destroyed by the red-haired witch who burst into her life, fireball first. Rescued by strangers, she’s taken in by an alliance of lycans and vamps. Hidden from Charlotte, she spends two years healing and mourning Bode’s death. Loved unconditionally, Sloane takes her first steps toward living and loving again. But letting love in turns friends to enemies, making her a target.

Unleashed for a secret mission, the Angel of Vengeance strikes the alliance headquarters and steals Sloane from the arms of her new family. Reunited, Bode and Sloane must confront their new reality. Allied, they work together with Sloane’s friends and lovers to bring down Charlotte. Desperate, they race against time to find a solution before the witch discovers her biggest weapon and favorite sex toy is also her mortal enemy. But Bode doesn’t want to share Sloane with anyone, not even Amosiel who spent two years falling in love with Bode’s memories of her.


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