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A chance encounter awakens Taya to an ancient war between gods. As her memories return, so do old allies. Lucifer, Anubis, Loki, and Ra each have ties to her mysterious past – and her heart.

Pursued by a powerful enemy, Taya struggles with her true identity and her relationships. To make matters worse, her lovers haven’t been completely honest.

When she learns the truth, will their relationships grow stronger or will old wounds tear them apart?

Follow Taya’s adventure with her companions in this collected edition of the 5 book reverse harem series, Children of the Elder Gods. Book includes:

Available in ebook and print.
Available in ebook and print.


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Lucifer: Bright as a Star [Book 1]

Lucifer was once the embodiment of enlightenment and guardian against the Darkness. Now, he is the scapegoat for Mankind’s sins, drowning in a haze of negative energy. Meeting Taya clears his mind, but also draws the attention of ancient enemies who have hunted them for millennia. Can they stand against these dark forces and who is the mysterious shadow protecting Taya?

Anubis: Light as a Feather [Book 2]

Alone and forgotten, Anubis sleeps; waiting between Life and Afterlife. Desperate to rescue Lucifer from the In-Between, Taya hunts down Anubis in his resting place. When Taya does not shrink away from his raw power, he follows her back into the world of flesh to stand against their ancient enemies. Is Anubis ready to face the modern world? Is Taya prepared to embrace the love of two gods?

Loki: White as a Frost [Book 3]

One of the few gods still active, Loki patiently waits for the day he can reunite with the love he lost, Taya. He clings to a promise he made to help her remember the past she runs from. Unfortunately, Taya doesn't want his help or his love.

As the false god's agents close in, Taya and her lovers are powerless to save their friends. If Loki can't win Taya's heart and restore her memories, everyone they love will be destroyed.

Ra: Might of an Elder [Book 4]

Across galaxies, mighty Ra mourns for the lover he lost thousands of years ago. News from Anubis brings him back to Earth to meet Taya. She is everything he remembers and more. With his help, Taya learns of her origins, but the truth of who – and what – she really is threatens to destroy her relationships. Will love be enough to heal old wounds or will Taya have to face the Gray Man on her own?

 Taya: Fight as a Goddess [Book 5]

With her relationships in chaos, Taya must prevent two wars and avoid the false god’s deadly grasp. Dragons, deception, and ancient secrets surface. When she comes face-to-face with the Supreme God, Taya must figure out friends from enemies quickly.

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⚠ Seriesrecommended for mature audiences due to
language and sexual situations ⚠


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