Golden Dragon Shifters, hot steamy fun, and danger.
Could there be a better combo?

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I don’t know much about dragons, but I know one thing for sure:


Queen of New Orleans

Paranormal Romance

After being accidentally infused with dragon essence, I'm the target for a killer who wants to harvest my body for profit. Hired to uncover a supernatural black market, I don't know who to trust. None of my companions are what they seem.

Dragon exile, Rhys has been guarding over me since he saved my life as a child and I'm going to need all the help I can get because Nicco, the dragon shifter hired to protect me, has decided to make me his mate - whether I want to be or not!

I'm going to need all my powers of persuasion to stop our common enemy from destroying us all, because ...


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Golden Mates

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Knave of the North

Paranormal Romance

Rejected by his potential mate, dragon shifter Niccolus Ribera flees to the foreign woods of Northern Canada to nurse his broken heart. When a stowaway intrudes on his peaceful new life, Nicco must confront his sordid past if he hopes to have a future.

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