Children of the Elder Gods
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Steamy Reverse Harem
They were gods once. Now these abandoned heroes must rise again to free the world from millennia of hate, but they can't do it on their own. Their strength comes from a women with a frightening past and their love will remind Taya who she really is.
???? Children of the Elder Gods is a 5 book Reverse Harem series where a new lover is introduced in each book ????
Bk 1 - small

Lucifer: Book 1

Once the embodiment of intellect and enlightenment, Lucifer was Humankind’s guardian against the Darkness. Now, he is the scapegoat for all of Humanity’s sins and reviled by the world he’s sworn to protect. Lucifer is drowning in the onslaught of Man’s negative energy until he meets Taya. Her simple faith reminds him of his birthright as Mankind’s liberator.

Their joined power makes for good sex, but also draws the attention of ancient enemies how have hunted them for millennia. Can they stand against these dark forces and who is the mysterious shadow protecting Taya? Join Lucifer and Taya in their awakening.

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Bk 2 - small

Anubis: Book 2

Alone and forgotten, Anubis sleeps; waiting between Life and Afterlife . . . Until he catches a glimpse of Taya in his dreams. She’s not afraid of him. She understands his importance and does not shrink away from his raw power. He follows her back into the world of flesh to mete out judgement on those who have failed to honor Ma'at and stand against their ancient enemies.

Is Anubis ready to face the modern world? Stand with Taya, Lucifer, and Anubis in this sexy fast-paced adventure.

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Bk 3 - small

Loki: Book 3

One of the few gods still active in our world, Loki patiently waits for the day he can reunite with the love he lost, Taya. He clings to a sacred promise he made to help her remember the past she runs from. Unfortunately, Taya doesn't want his help or his love.

As the false god's agents close in, the companions are powerless to save their friends. If Loki can't win Taya's heart and restore her memories, everyone they love will be destroyed. Can he convince her that his love is true?

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Bk 4 - small

Ra: Book 4

Taya confronts her past, she struggles with the truth of who – and what – she really is. Secrets and an ancient lover come to light that might destroy her relationships. Will love be enough to heal old wounds or will Taya have to face the Gray Man on her own? Join Taya as she tries to accept her past and fight for her future.

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Bk 5 - small

Taya: Book 5

With her relationships in chaos, Taya must prevent two wars and avoid the false god’s deadly grasp. Dragons, deception, and ancient secrets surface. When she comes face-to-face with the Supreme God, Taya must figure out friends from enemies quickly.

What happens when it all becomes “too much” and the people she counts on can’t help? Will she destroy her lovers or trust a stranger to guide her?

Join Taya and her companions in this stunning conclusion.

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