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Children of the Elder Gods

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IT’S NOT EASY BEING THE GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION when all your memories have been stolen and the people you love are keeping secrets from you.


A chance encounter awakens Taya to a forgotten history when the gods were real. As her memories return, so do old allies. Lucifer, Anubis, Loki, and Ra each have ties to her mysterious past – and her heart.

Embroiled in an ancient war with a powerful enemy, Taya struggles to come to terms with her true identity and her relationships. As their enemies close in, Taya discovers her lovers haven’t been completely honest.

When she finally learns the truth, will it make their relationships stronger or will old wounds tear them apart?

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More action in the Wor Wayru Universe

Children of the Elder Gods revealed a complicated past, the existence of aliens, and a clandestine organization holding gods and goddesses captive. Prepare to explore more adventures in the Wor Wayru Universe.


Follow Loki and Jaspar’s adventure as they defend a young Maker and her guardian lover against the dark forces determined to keep them apart. [Release TBA]


Join the rebellion with Dahl, Keejan, Colonel Syrn, and Major Reed as they find their mates and attempt to bring peace to Myridia. [Release TBA]

The Hound of Sekhmet

Get in on the action of George and Ven’s wild missions. [Release TBA]

The Sachmis Sanctuary Series

Delve into the dark history of Tiamat’s reign and the supernatural offspring created from the captive deities. [Release TBA]


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