Nocturnal Alliance is a planned 5 books series of a supernatural feud spanning back to the start of time. Each book can be read as a stand-alone or part of the whole, and each has a Happily-Ever-After or Happy-for-Now ending.

The characters include vampires and shifters, succubus and incubus, demons and angels, banshees and, yes, humans.

⚠ Warnings:

✓ The series involves a LOT of story-relevant sexual content, including descriptions of F/M, M/M, kink, poly/reverse harem, solo and mutual masturbation, and scenes of dubious consent.

✓ While categorized as Steamy Romance, the series contains violence and dark themes of betrayal, revenge, enslavement, murder, and suicide.

Please, do NOT read if any of these things
upset or trigger you.

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Warning: Language, violence, and sexual content

Nocturnal Lullaby

Book 1

Kidnapped and brainwashed by the infamous witch, Charlotte Corddry, Bode joins with an enslaved entity to become the Angel of Vengeance, an unstoppable weapon against the alliance of lycans and vampires.

Rescued from Charlotte by the alliance, Sloane is hidden by her new friends while she grieves the death of her boyfriend, Bode. Two years pass before Sloane is ready to open her heart and accept the love of the men who helped her through her grief.

When Bode’s latest assignment brings him face-to-face with Sloane, the pair must work with Sloane’s new friends and lovers in the alliance to bring down Charlotte before the witch discovers her biggest weapon and favorite sex toy is also her mortal enemy.

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Nocturnal Harmony

Prequel 1

When successful lawyer, Barron Noble, is targeted by rival, Kate Henshaw, for revenge, he ends up transformed into an incubus and bound as her slave. Thirty years of being starved of the sexual energy he needs to survive and being used as a tool to build Kate’s empire, leaves him drained and defeated. An accidental meeting leads to the discovery of people who can resist his incubus powers and puts Barron on the path to freedom.


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Warning: Language, violence, and sexual content

Nocturnal Duet

Book 2

Fed up with the alliance, young vamp, Sabine promises herself to Ransom, an obnoxious hell hound and bounty hunter. One quick trip to Hell leads to a heart-racing adventure which binds the two in ways neither understand.

Riding the high of capturing the vile witch, Charlotte Corddry, Ransom obtains permission to make Sabine his mate. First, he has to keep his promise to find Sabine’s missing baby sister.

It should be an easy job for a bounty hunter, but what they find will require help from both the newly freed Angel of Vengeance and Hell’s most feared demon.



Nocturnal Serenade

Prequel 2

Battered and defeated, cursed ex-mercenary, Frank McCabe, stumbles across a newly created vampire lose on revolutionary France. Discovering the vamp is immune to his death touch, Frank nurtures him back from his feral state. Irresistibly drawn to the man who emerges, Matthias is everything Frank dreamed of in a lover.

Nobleman and secret ‘hero’, Matthias was betrayed by his wife and fed to vampires. Though he managed to escape, his rebirth resulted in a bloody rampage stopped only by the power of an indomitable banshee. Kind, generous, and protective, Frank brings out his vulnerable side and he finally feels safe to be his true self.

When their tainted pasts threaten their peace life, Frank and Matthias unleash their full monstrous selves to protect the family they’ve built together.



Nocturnal Requiem

Book 3

Smitten with a man who refuses to touch her, Jenn is shocked when a night of blindfolded sex turns into the introduction to the gorgeous fuck boy her boyfriend, Frank McCabe, found to satisfy her physical needs. Struggling with this new development in their relationship, a series of strange dreams involving a demon changes her mind.

Ex-mercenary, Frank is trying to find a way to break the banshee curse binding him to Jenn, the witch he accidentally murdered 700 years ago. With the failures stacking up, he turns to the only person who might be able to him, Jenn, but first he must convince her not sell her soul to a powerful sex demon for the power to withstand Frank’s killer banshee touch.



Nocturnal Echoes

Book 4

The most feared demon in the Nine Rings of Hell, Faceless Jack has accepted he will only ever be his prospective bride’s Imaginary Lover. When the hellhound, Ransom calls in a favor to investigate the whereabouts of a missing girl, Jack uncovers an ancient feud that may tear both Heaven and Hell apart.

Orphaned and trapped in Hell, Ditto’s greatest fear claims her as his mate, but at least she still has her Imaginary Lover to keep her safe at night. She never imagined the dreaded Faceless Jack would be the key to unleashing her full potential.

In danger and outgunned, Jack needs more power than he has in order to save himself and Ditto from their unknown enemy. At the risk of ruining the one good thing he has, he must reveal his true identity to Ditto. If she doesn’t accept him and combine their powers, neither one of them will survive.


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Nocturnal Opus

Book 5

Faithful is the sacred union of Sullivan, a wolf-shifter and the holy presence known as Amnon. He’s also the embodiment of Wrath, looking for the being responsible for his millennia-long enslavement.

With the help of friends, Faithful has tracked down six other presences who’ve been held captive to be used in sinful ways. Rescuing Pride, Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth from their bondage is the easy part. Convincing them to unite with him so they can bring the Archangel Raguel to Earth to face his crimes may destroy all of creation.