Nocturnal Alliance is a standalone Paranormal Romance series intended for mature audiences due to dark themes, descriptions of sex, violence, and suicide.

Each book can be read as a stand alone adventure or part of the series.

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Warning: Language, violence, and sexual content

Nocturnal Lullaby

Paranormal Reverse Harem

[Book 1] The night Bode is going to propose to Sloane, an ancient witch named Charlotte intervenes, kidnapping Bode and making him think Sloane was killed by an alliance of lycans and vampires. Sloane is rescued by the alliance working to bring down the witch and thinks Bode is dead. When Bode and Sloane are reunited, they have to work together with her friends and lovers to Charlotte’s reign of terror before she finds out her biggest weapon is now her deadliest enemy.

Warning: Language, violence, and sexual content

Nocturnal Duet

Paranormal Romance

[Book 2] Leaving an alliance where she never felt welcome, vampire Sabine fulfills her end of a contract with Ransom, hell hound and bounty hunter, by becoming his mate. As the pair work to track down Sabine’s missing sister, they uncover a conspiracy that will shake the foundations of both heaven and hell.


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