The Past Never Dies cover

The Past Never Dies

Steamy Thriller

Cammie's been hanging onto the past for too long and Casey is just the man to help her move on. A weekend trip to the island where her life was destroyed brings her face-to-face with the one person she thought she'd never see again.

How can she move on if the past won't let her go?

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The Object of My Desire book cover

The Object of My Desire

Steamy Fantasy

Lady Ithena’s secret desire for the foreign slave, Kortan Nahvyn, could get him killed. Though she can’t accept his offer of love, Kortan will risk a brutal death for fleeting moments of stolen passion. When a wealthy caravan arrives to ransom Kortan’s freedom, the couple will risk everything to be together, but Ithena’s aging father won’t easily let go of his only daughter.

A stirring tale of forbidden love, The Object of My Desire is intended for mature readers.


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