Liking and/or Commenting on Reviews

Unknown asked:

What are your views about liking and/or commenting on reviews for your books on Goodreads?

Ramona replied:

I don’t like or comment on reviews. Reviewers know authors look at the reviews, but Goodreads is not a platform for authors to engage our readers. It is for readers to engage each other.

Anyone else remember when authors could comment on reviews and interact with reviewers on Amazon? That turned unprofessional and downright ugly several times. It’s happened on GoodReads, too, when authors can’t handle a less than favorable review.

Some reviewers enjoy the rush of having an author they like notice them, but there’s always a chance that can backlash. So. “Don’t do it” is a good rule in general.

I do, however, track reviews for my site and media kits across various sites, including GoodReads. I take the occasional screenshot of well written reviews to share on social media. Heck, I’ll share a screenshot of a poor review also if I can spin it in a good way (without attacking or humiliating the reviewer).

I always thank my reviewers when I mention reviews on social media, even for negative ratings or reviews because their time is valuable to me. I appreciate that they read my work and spare a few minutes to share their thoughts for others to consider.

But one of my rules is to never engage reviewers unless I asked them to review and I’m thanking them, or they’ve reached out to me personally for a constructive reason.

I approach my writing as a business and reviews help me determine if I’m reaching the correct audience, what I’m doing well, and what I could do better.

I understand somebody can dislike my book and it have nothing to do with me personally. My feelings don’t get hurt and I don’t feel attacked if my books get low ratings or a bad review.

I don’t assume that if the reviewer didn’t like my book, they also don’t like me. That doesn’t even make sense. I’ve read books I didn’t like by an author, but some of their other books were really good – and it doesn’t affect my opinion of the author.

I’ve personally received a review where somebody didn’t like that specific book, but they like my other work 🤷‍♀️ It’s their opinions on my work, they’re allowed to have it without me taking it personal and wrecking my own mental health over it.


So, “THANK YOU!” to everyone who leaves ratings and reviews to let other know what you liked (or didn’t like) about my work. Your time and effort is greatly valued 💝

Ramona 💋