Kira S. asked

Kira S. asked:

“I just finished the elder god series and wanted to leave a positive fan letter to the author. I thought it was a bold take on multiple mythic deities and wanted to ask about your research and inspirations.”

Ramona replied:

I sincerely appreciate that you enjoyed Children of the Elder Gods and took the time leave a message ♥

I really wanted to write a “Lucifer” story from a PoV that wasn’t Christian based, especially as he’s mentioned (and worshiped) by this and other names in so many other cultures as a bringer of knowledge and friend to humanity since millennia before he became absorbed by the Christian religion.

As the story progressed, I realized the characters needed backup and pulled in some of my favorite deities and origin tales. I’ve been hobby-researching history, ancient texts, and spiritual studies for decades.

The story contains people, details, experiences, and encounters inspired by my own life (ie. the book shop and roommate that burned down the apartment) woven with my research and personal spiritual work.

And then, I tweaked and expanded to create a foundation for my Wor Wayru Universe where each book or series is connected to Children of the Elder Gods. They will include what happened when Loki and Jaspar had to go help the Maker (delving into the ancient past), the backstory of the resistance on Myridia that Taya and Anubis helped resolve, The Hound of Sekhmet, and spin-off tales involving the organization that had been hunting and using deities, and the supernatural beings they birthed.

I hope that helped answer some of your questions and thank you for your encouraging message!